After losing two straight games, the Elyria Christian School boys’ basketball team is back on the winning track after routing Peabody-Burns High School 57-17,  sweeping the Warriors in a three-game series on Tuesday night.

What led to the Eagles’ two-game losing streak was the loss of three of their starters to different injuries. After making adjustments, ECS head coach Zach Goodrich believes that his team is starting to improve with their chemistry with three more games left of the season.

“We tried to learn on the fly. We were learning and then thrown into the fire. For us, it’s been a good season for them to go undefeated for that long. Hopefully, it allows us to be more successful as we get into the playoffs,” Goodrich said.

Two players for the Eagles finished in double figures. Tyler Theismann finished the night as the leading scorer with 15 points. Caleb Froese followed up with 14 points in their victory over the Warriors.

“The boys are starting to learn to work with each other better, and that is something I hope will continue to happen," Goodrich said. "We are playing without three starters... We have two freshmen filling those minutes of injured players and they have done a good job learning on the fly.”

The two freshmen who stepped up to fill the absence include Zach Stucky, who finished the night with 6 points — which were made from the 3-point line, where he made 50 percent of his 3-point shots — and Jacob Nelson, who came through with 7 points to help put away the Warriors.

“Somebody has the opportunity to step up. We have a lot of depth this year, including our starters who are freshmen,” Goodrich said. “We believe those guys will turn into fine players throughout their careers. To see them confident tonight is very encouraging.”

The Eagles improve their record of 14-2 of the year with three more games left to play. They will be back on the court at home to face Marion High School at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night. Though the Eagles are back to their winning ways, there are some improvements that need to be made before playoffs start.

“Defensively, I think with us we could be more in position, especially help positions. As a coach, I always think that we can do better,” said Goodrich. “So, that is something we wanted to continued to work on. Offensively, if we can learn how to pass the ball more, we can be very solid.” 

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