GALVA — Teia Janzen remembers looking in the windows of one of Galva's oldest buildings when it served as the city's grocery store. She has now opened her own business — Spa Teia — in the structure.

"I've always loved this building," Janzen said. "When they first built the building, it was the very first business in town."

Janzen spent 25 years as a nurse, and decided to go back to school to be able to care for people in a less stressful environment.

"It's my dress code, it's my hours," Janzen laughed.

Spa Teia features a treatment room where Janzen offers facials, body treatments, waxing, chemical peels, NovaLash eyelash extensions and professional makeup services.

"With the body treatment, I use a sugar scrub and exfoliate the arms, the back, the decollete and the legs," Janzen said. "I wash that off with steam towels and rub oil on. You wrap up in a solar blanket and you're already laying on a heated bed and you just bake in that."

Janzen said facials can improve oily or dry skin and the appearance of wrinkles.

"The chemical peels are more, deeper exfoliation," Janzen said. "They're a little different than a facial."

Spa Teia tailors its offerings to the client.

"I know some people like real strong-smelling things and some people don't like scents, so I got two different kinds of things, depending on what they like," Janzen said. "One makes your mouth water and one makes you feel like you're outside."

Spa Teia also has a massage room, in which Janzen hopes to offer massage several days a week. She also wants to organize parties to teach young girls how to apply makeup.

An open house was held in Spa Teia on Feb. 3.

"A lot of people came by; I was so excited," Janzen said. "People want to see this building, because people in this town love this building."

Situated in the front portion of the building, Spa Teia is decorated with flowers, art and antique furniture.

"It has the original floor and the original ceiling, so I wanted to make it all go together," Janzen said. "I wanted it to be very welcoming and relaxing."

The dark hardwood floors, 17-foot ceiling and large windows give Spa Teia a spacious feel — but it took months of renovation to get the building ready to reopen. A leaking roof caused most of the building's tin ceiling tiles to rust, but enough were saved to cover Spa Teia's space.

"This side had a little bit of care because they used to have a gallery and museum in here," Janzen said.

"The deed records from the courthouse show that in 1880 the lot was first sold to W.M. Robb, and in 1884 to the Robb brothers," said Linda Andersen, Galva Museum curator.

After the original wood structure burned down, the building was reconstructed using limestone.

"We are thinking this one was probably built in 1884," Andersen said.

Originally a two-story structure, the building burned again in 1912 and the second story was removed.

The building housed Farmer's Market, owned by Gene and Marge Nelson, from 1949 to 1958. Clarence and Ruth Russell then took it over and ran Russell's Market until 1966, after which it became Phil & Gertie's Ag for two years.

Stan Aelmore took over the business and renamed it Stan's Food Market. In 1979, Galva Lumber Company purchased the building and used it for storage for 25 years. The Galva Museum was opened in the building in 1994 and would stay there until 2005.

"The building sat empty after the Galva Museum moved out," Andersen said. "HCI bought the building in 2009."

J.B. Warren bought the building in 2017 and coordinated its renovation.

"I am so thankful that J.B. Warren purchased the building and saved it," Andersen said.

Spa Teia, located at 120 S. Main in Galva, is currently open by appointment. For more information about Spa Teia, call 620-245-7584.

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