A McPherson company has not one, but four new owners.

Greg Goodell, along with his wife, Rolli; son, Kody; and daughter, Kylie, bought The Old Muffin Factory from former owners Les and Kayla Mason, who had run the company for more than 25 years.

"My wife and I had always wanted to own a business," Goodell said.

The Goodells officially took over the business on Jan. 3, having remodeled their basement garage to meet food grade standards.

"We've had it completely remodeled to make a production facility there," Goodell said.

The Old Muffin Factory makes and sells a variety of dry baking mixes for muffins, pancakes, cookies, breads, funnel cakes and biscuits.

"We're a family operation," Goodell said. "We have lots of product variety."

That variety includes mixes with flavors such as apple, cherry chocolate chip and pina colada.

"It smells really good, I think, especially when we're making peach pancakes," Goodell said.

The Old Muffin Factory's products are sold to restaurants and gift shops across the country.

"We mainly do wholesale, but we do have a retail outlet on our website," Goodell said. "We do a lot of custom work where the companies will put their logo on our mixes and sell them. We also develop mixes for people."

Some of the company's products are packed in cloth bags shaped like the flavored mix they hold — bananas, strawberries and even s'mores.

"We hire seamstresses to sew those up and then we make the mixes to put it them,"

Goodell said they can even print custom designs on drawstring bags for their clients, which makes them a popular choice for fundraisers and other special events.

"We want to support our community. We're looking for opportunities to do that," Goodell said.

The flour for their baking mixes comes from Grain Craft in McPherson.

"We try to shop local for as many of the ingredients as we can," Goodell said.

While they are still in the initial months of running the business, Goodell said he and his family did have some ideas for new products that are in development

"The things that we're really excited about are all the new opportunities with the clientele we're meeting at different venues," Goodell said.

The Old Muffin Factory mixes are available at The Bookshelf, located at 206 N. Main St. in McPherson.

For more information about The Old Muffin Factory or to order their products, visit http://www.oldmuffinfactory.com or call 800-697-0385.

"There's not an order that's too small — we'll fill it," Goodell said.

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