The Eisenhower Redesign team met on Feb. 8. The team was excited to have redesign specialist Tami Mitchell and Deputy Commissioner of Education Brad Neuenswander, present at part of meetings to provide guidance and also, updates about education and education funding.

During the meeting, the team reviewed data regarding the success of the Jag Time/Morning meeting pilot.

Data shows that this is making a positive impact on the Eisenhower Elementary School community and the school will continue with this program.

There are some areas in which still need to be improved, and the team has generated some ideas and will take action to address these areas.

The team talked about the full-time music teacher pilot and its effectiveness.

Since the pilot began less than a month ago, there have been several musical opportunities provided to students, and collaboration between music and grade-level classrooms.

The team discussed how it will be important to have similar experiences with the PE teacher in the future – incorporating physical movement, wellness and nutrition and structured activities into the day.

There is much research that shows this not only helps physical well-being, but academic and social-emotional health as well. Also, the EES art teacher and librarian are key in this process and the team is interested in making them a large part of Project Based Learning, and 21st Century Skill Development for students.

The team hopes that the school’s guidance counselor can have her time more dedicated to helping students and their teachers deal effectively with social-emotional issues as they arise and have a team of people, including the counselor, school psychologist, and family advocate working to help children and families who need it.

The team has begun several pilots with online personalized learning platforms that were recommended by KSDE and observed at the redesigned schools they have visited.

They are trying several at different grade levels, so that we can be sure to choose the program that best fits the needs of students. Teachers are receiving training in these platforms as well as in Project Based Learning. Staff received training from the Buck Institute on Feb. 19 which will aid the school as each classroom is piloting a long-term project this quarter.

Along these lines, the team discussed staffing needs that they foresee will be necessary to make curricular changes Eisenhower effective for all students and teachers; and also, the different measurement systems they will need to identify the effectiveness of teaching staff.

The team would also like to share their new online “Scoreboard” for EES Redesign pilots and decisions. This is a place where the team will record all of the pilots they are doing, details about how they are measuring successes and failures, and the data they find.