The McPherson City Commission met for a regular meeting Monday, and here’s what you need to know:

1. Commissioners approved payment to Strawn Homes, Inc. for the city's participation in drainage costs for the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivisions for an amount not to exceed $80,000.

The city agreed to fund up to $100,000 in drainage improvements to assist the developers in drainage costs associated with the installation of the Barnstormers/Premier Subdivisions.

Strawn Homes, Inc. recently issued an invoice for the excavation to extend the pond, pipes and end sections to convey the drainage ditch under the gas company's high-pressure transmission lines, in the amount of $81,692.70. The city is in the process of transferring the deed for the area needed for the expansion of the pond to the city, so the invoice has been adjusted to $80,000 for payment. When the paperwork is complete, the commission will approve the remaining amount.

2. The McPherson City Commission will hold the 2018 Revised Budget Review Meeting on March 13. The meeting will be at 8:30 a.m. in the East Board Room of the Municipal Building located at 400 E. Kansas Ave. in McPherson.

The public meeting will conclude when all major department budgets have been reviewed.

The purpose of the meeting is to review expense lines and to determine actual spending levels and needs for individual departments for 2018.Budget preparation began in April 2017 and was adopted in August 2017. This revision meeting allows for any adjustments that have been made between then and the current budget year.

3. Commissioners approved the hiring of Connor Davis as a McPherson Police Officer, pending successful completion of pre-employment exams, effective March 12. 

4. Commissioners approved payment for bunker gear for the McPherson Fire Department from Conrad Fire. The purchase includes five sets of gear for an amount not to exceed $10,993.45, and is part of the department’s standard rotational replacement procedure.

5. Commissioners accepted a quote from Midwest Pump and Mechanical LLC of Paola to rebuild the irrigation pumps and motors at Turkey Creek Golf Course for an amount not to exceed $38,123.34.

The current irrigation pumps and motors are 13-years-old and not performing to their capacity. Midwest Pump and Mechanical rebuilding the pumps and motors, as well as replace a few parts.

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