Circles of McPherson County isn't afraid to put local celebrities to work for a good cause.

The Circles' Celebrity Dinner will host a fun-filled evening where local celebrities will serve attendees their meal.

"We've been able to recruit some people from the community who are going to be waiters and waitresses. The money from the meal goes to Delish and tips will go to Circles. It's a small fundraiser, but it is also important to get our name out there," said Chris Carlson, director of Circles.

Delish owner Ann Koehn is also excited to help the organization for the evening.

"I have worked with Circles at previous events. I used to work at MCDS and worked with all of those ladies and I think the whole organization is just fantastic — everything they do to help those in our community that just need a little extra assistance and guidance — we wanted to help anyway that we could," Koehn explained. "We hope we can bring people in for one, to continue to help their organization and to bring new faces into our restaurant as well."

This isn't the first celebrity dinner Circles has hosted.

"We've done a few of them in the past. We try to mix it up so we aren't doing a soup supper every year or the celebrity dinner every year," Carlson explained.

Past celebrities have been those whom the community knows and adores, such as Mayor Tom Brown.

"In year's past, Tom Brown has done it. But this year he was unable to do it again," Carlson said.

The dinner will be held in two seatings, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., on Feb. 27 at Delish, located at 204 N. Main St. in McPherson. The meal will consist of Italian food and a drink for $20. Carlson noted that the bar will be open, but alcoholic beverages will cost extra.

"We will have two shifts with the different celebrities and then we will also have Circle leaders and staff who will help us bus tables and greet people. We will also be working together with the Delish staff who will be there to oversee everything, just to make sure we don't break anything," Carlson laughed.

Celebrities who will be serving meals are Jennifer Burch, Becky Goss, Olivia Fetsch, Keenan Warren, Quinn Ruxlow, Trent Ruxlow, Jerry Montagne, Cindy Goldsmith, Cody Rierson and Brett Reber.

Carlson is hopeful to bring a little competition to the table and put competitive waiters and waitresses together.

"I think the point of grabbing these specific waiters, there's relationships formed and if people are related, the idea is to stick them together and have a little bit of a friendly competition to bring in the tips. It will be fun to have waiters going back and forth and to have a fun night. It doesn't help the evening if it's stuffy and no one enjoys themselves," Carlson said. "There are people who may show up to have their friend wait on them."

McPherson County Sheriff Jerry Montagane isn't new to the restaurant serving industry, as he has previously worked in a kitchen and served as a bus boy in his younger years.

"That's when I was a teenager," Montagne laughed. "(Circles) is a good program, and if anything, I want to support a program like this so I said I'll help. They also say the food is fantastic and I want to meet people. As a public servant, I want to get out there and meet the public and this is another good way to do it."

While some of the celebrities may not have serving skills, Koehn and staff will be present to help out.

"I think it's just going to be fantastic even if they don't have the experience. Everyone who attends knows its a fundraiser and it will be a lot of fun," she said.

Although the fundraiser is small, Carlson is hopeful for any amount they raise that evening, due to a large waiting list for those wanting to join Circles.

"We're hoping with tips and 120 openings between the two seatings, the goal is to raise around $600 to $700 — that would be great. It's also a time to be involved with the community and get our name out there. We're just trying to remind people that we're here and a part of the reason we're doing it now is we have classes starting up soon," he explained. "Our main focus this year is that we have a very large waiting list. We're looking at potentially 20 adults with another 40 kids in Lindsborg and the number is pretty similar in McPherson."

To attend the dinner, you must reserve your spots in advance online by going to or visiting the Circles of McPherson County Facebook page. Carlson also said if you don't have a card to purchase tickets online, you may call the Circles office at 620-241-9011. 

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