LINDSBORG — Podcasts are a popular means of communication nowadays, whether for information or entertainment. Broadway RFD President Jess Lundberg noted the medium draws on principles that were first used in radio shows.

Broadway RFD will present its dinner theater production of "Old Time Radio Hour" on March 6 and March 8 at The Swedish Crown Restaurant.

"When you're putting all this together, you think about, 'how do I make this fresh for now?' Then I thought about how so many people are listening to podcasts now," Lundberg said. "They're very popular. This is no different than a podcast, except you get dinner and you kind of get to see behind the scenes."

Audience members will be treated to a mixture of digital and live effects, creating the sounds of actions such as guns being fired or a wine bottle being uncorked.

"It's going to have some richness and texture to it; it's not going to be just a flat reading of the script," Lundberg said.

Finding the authentic vintage scripts to perform was not an easy task, as social norms have changed so much since the decades in which they were performed.

"You kind of have to take off your feminist hat for a while," Lundberg said.

"Old Time Radio Hour" will feature different episodes of four different radio shows: "Little Orphan Annie," "The Bickersons," "Sherlock Holmes" and "The Maltese Falcon."

"I think it caters to a broad audience," Lundberg said. "We picked through shows and you have a comedy, a mystery, an adventure and then you have just kind of a family show."

The cast of "Old Time Radio Hour" — Lundberg, Molly Johnson, Bill Olson, Eric Lundstrom, Christina Bartlett and Brent Heizelman — will portray multiple characters, with the women playing some of the male roles.

"A lot of the roles were male roles; there weren't a lot of female roles," Lundberg said.

Costume items and props will be used to distinguish each character.

"I get to cheese it up as Little Orphan Annie and I'm also playing a 'dapper young Indian fellow' named Rafi in the Sherlock Holmes episode," Lundberg said.

The cast members will take turns at the microphones, performing in front of a simple set.

"It'll look like you're looking into the radio studio," Lundberg said.

In between episodes, commercials advertising Lindsborg's local merchants will be heard.

"The whole thing about radio is the commercials," Lundberg said.

Each merchant has donated a prize that audience members have a chance to win.

"We're looking forward to it," Lundberg said. "It'll be high energy and we're going to have fun with voices."

Tickets for the "Old Time Radio Hour" are $35 and can be purchased at Performances will be held at 6:30 p.m. March 8 and March 10 at The Swedish Crown Restaurant, 121 N. Main St. in Lindsborg.

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