Loni Musgrove's business is built on the success of other small businesses.

Describing what she does with SCKS Small Biz Wiz can be difficult at times because she focuses efforts on growing multiple areas of her client's businesses.

"That's why I went with ‘Biz Wiz.’ There's no good way to explain what I do. With small business owners, they wear so many hats that they may have not known they were going to wear. They may not need my help every day or every month, but I'm always there to help," she explained.

Focusing on small, local businesses is a priority Musgrove strives for, as she feels they contribute to the community in a big way.

"For the large corporations, they have enough flow and they also have one or multiple people on a team for accounting or management. Small businesses do so much that people don't even realize they're doing. They may not generate as much revenue as larger corporations, but they contribute more to the local economy," she added.

Musgrove also described what she does as “bookkeeping on steroids.”

"When someone hires a bookkeeper or an office manager, normally they come into a system that's already set up and they'll take over from there. Lately, those who are drawn to my services are those who either don't have a system set up or they're not using the one they have correctly," she explained. "So I'll go in and fix it with massive entry and reconciliation. I also train employees to know how to use their systems like QuickBooks for example."

From creating business plans to figuring out systems, Musgrove can even plan events for her clients.

"I can help with advertising, social media, event planning or even event representation. I put car shows together for my dad that brought in the other gear heads. If there's a trade show or a job fair, whatever it may be, if the owners themselves can't go, I can go in their place, or I can at least get you prepared so they can just load up and go," she explained.

Before venturing out on her own, Musgrove learned may of her skills from her father.

"My dad had a small company in Wichita and I was going to school for accounting and I needed a part-time job. He had lost his bookkeeper so I started with him," she explained.

While Musgrove's father focused on the mechanics side of his RPM Motor Sports business, she focused on the office work.

"I'm not motor minded, he did that stuff like the actual labor. I became familiar with some parts of vehicles when I practiced shipping, receiving and ordering. But for the most part, I did everything else. I did the business side of stuff while he did the gear head side of stuff," she laughed.

During her college career, Musgrove learned more while she was in the office rather than in the classroom.

"I found out I was learning more being in the office in the middle of chaos of the every day small business. It was during the time that the economy wasn't that great and there was a lot I was learning just because we had to be so active in order to keep the doors open," she noted.

After conducting a business plan for her father's operation, Musgrove decided it was time to venture out on her own.

"I took a job offer with an ethanol company and did accounting for them for two years — it was like corporate America to the textbook — it didn't fit me very well. I looked for more family companies that I could do accounting with and most of the people I interviewed with told me I was over qualified," she explained. "The larger companies didn't want to hire me because I didn't have a piece of paper saying I had a bachelor’s degree. I worked in logistics for two to three years and then I found this (SCKS Small Biz Wiz.)"

Now that she feels like she has found her place in the community, Musgrove hopes to help others in any way she can.

"There are pros and cons to hiring independent contractors like me. It gives a lot of small companies that can't afford to keep someone full time and don't have enough traffic to do so having someone they can work with once a week or once a month, whatever it may be, it gives them the opportunity to breathe," she said.

After finding her niche, Musgrove said she keeps her father in mind for her success.

"Although my dad and I don't have that bubbly father-daughter relationship, he was my introduction to business. He has that business mindset and I have him to thank for the ways my skills were developed. If he wouldn't have given me those tasks and assignments, I wouldn't have learned all of this," she added.

For more information, call Musgrove at 620-245-4082 or visit her website at lnm1788.wixsite.com/sckssmallbizwiz or visit her Facebook page at SCKS Small Biz Wiz. 

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