What started as a part-time job at age 18 has turned into a career in the banking and loan industry for Renee Williams.

After 14 years of working through the industry, Williams has found her place by opening a branch of PrimeLending, located at 1345 N. Main St. in McPherson.

"I went to college for a business degree and then I was a part-time teller. I just moved my way up from being a bank teller to a branch manager and now a loan originator. It's just kind of embedded in my family," Williams explained. "I chose Main Street because it's just Main Street. Everybody says if you're not on Main Street, they don't know where you are."

Since 2004, Williams has been helping those wishing to purchase the perfect home become a reality.

"I love people. I love working with real estate agents and I love working with my customers. Paperwork is paperwork. What I like is getting to know customers, what they like, what they want and getting to know their families and watching them move into the home of their dreams — especially if its a first time home buyer," she said.

Before moving back to McPherson, Williams worked in Salina with PrimeLending, but moved back to her home town when the opportunity arose.

"I was born and raised here. I worked in Salina for roughly four years when I was a branch manager, they asked me if I wanted to come home because that's where I was from," she explained.

Williams uses her specific skill set to work through the complicated loan process alongside homebuyers.

"What I do is I take a customers information down and figure out what fits them the best as far as loan products go. We offer loan products like VA, USDA, FHA, conventional loans and first-time buyer programs," she explained. "We really try to focus on what's best for the customer when they come in and meet with me. I try to narrow down the best product then at that point we go through the loan process."

While finding the perfect loan for her customers is in the forefront of her mind, Williams is also focused on assisting them for the long run.

"A lot of the time customers go in to get pre-qualified — and then they get shipped away without any guidance — I don't feel that's right, especially if they don't know what the next step is. If they're not quite ready to buy something today, that doesn't mean they won't be ready in the next six months to a year with a little guidance. I spend time with my clients and get them to that next step," she noted.

Although Williams moved into her new business on Nov. 1, 2017, her grand opening will be on March 1.

"It took a while to get all the signage going and everything," she said

For more information, visit Williams’ website at https://lo.primelending.com/renee.williams.

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