The computer system for Esther V. Rettig, M.D., P.A. was recently attacked by ransomware

The computer system for Esther V. Rettig, M.D., P.A. was recently attacked by ransomware.

Dr. Rettig and her staff are in the process of alerting patients that their protected health information was involved in the attack as a result of the incident. The law also requires that the media be notified.

The ransomware was detected on Jan. 2 and efforts were made immediately to mitigate the effects. The files were restored from backup copies and no ransom was paid. The information included patient demographic, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, clinical and insurance information. No financial information such as bank accounts or credit card numbers was affected.

Although there is no indication that the attacker actually acquired or viewed any of the protected health information, Dr. Rettig’s office has sent out written notifications to affected patients via U.S. Mail. The notices provided information about how the patient’s may protect themselves from identity theft and protect their credit. Dr. Rettig’s practice is committed to maintaining the privacy of personal information and they take many precautions for the security of that information. In response to this incident, the practice has modified its systems and procedures to enhance the security of sensitive information.

The practice of Esther V. Rettig, M.D., P.A., is providing this press release to comply with the notice requirements of federal laws and to let patients know that it takes the protection of their health and personal information very seriously. Dr. Rettig and her staff regret any inconvenience this causes patients. A toll-free number is available for those patients with further questions: 877-646-5106. Call Center Hours: 8am-8pm M-F