LINDSBORG — A week off from school can be more hassle than fun for working parents. To ease the burden, and give children a few fun days over spring break, the Lindsborg Recreation Department will host a Spring Break Camp.

Children in kindergarten through fourth grade can attend the camp, held from 7:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. on March 20 through 22 at the Soderstrom Elementary school in the Forsberg Gym, located at 227 N. Washington St. in Lindsborg. The three-day camp costs $60 and registration is due by March 13.

"This is a three-day camp that will allow children to be dropped off during the day to give them something to do over spring break. Not all parents are able to take off the entire week and this allows them to have a place for their children to go," said Lindsborg Recreation Director Beth Ferguson.

Rather than sitting at home, the camp allows children to stay active together.

"This also gives the kids something fun to do, rather than sitting at home," Ferguson added. "It also gives the kids an opportunity to be with their peers, enjoy the day and not keeping them inside all day. It can sometimes be a hassle trying to find babysitters or someone to keep your kids for five days; I thought this could be a relief or an extra idea for those parents."

Kids will have a variety of activities to choose from throughout the week to keep busy.

"We are planning to do group games, outdoor play — depending on the weather ­— park trips and scavenger hunts, mainly things that will keep the children moving. We want the kids to be able to feel they are able to do fun things even if they aren't taking a vacation," she noted.

For more information, call Lindsborg City Hall at 785-227-3355 or visit their website at

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