Staff and residents of The Cedars took a trip to Wichita State University to watch a baseball game on Saturday. Residents and staff were able to sit behind home plate on ground level. Everyone cheered on Wichita State while having fun eating hotdogs, popcorn and soda. Alice Gillett, a resident of The Cedars, even received a foul ball; it bounced of the pillar and rolled right into her chair during the fourth inning. Gladys Naylor, who just turned 100-years-old, attended the game and treated herself to two tubs of popcorn. WSU won 6-3 that day. Residents who attended the game were: Gladys Naylor, Alice Gillett, Evelyn Rabb, Marge Stauffer and Pat Frazier. Staff that attended were Lori Triffet and family, Austin Wolf, Stephanie Bryant and her son, Camey Johnson and family.