Here’s an overview of recent activities in the Kansas House of Representatives:

2018 Issues Survey

Last week, the Kansas Legislature only met for a couple of days, sandwiched between the Turnaround break and Proforma Friday which allowed Democrat members to attend their annual convention in Topeka. Since it was a quiet week, I thought I would review the Issues Survey I published on my website,

Please, keep in mind that this was not a scientific poll, that I am not a statistician, and the accuracy of the poll can’t be verified. Having said that, some of the results were as I expected, and some surprised me. Below are the three questions I posed and the respective responses:

1 If Kansas expands Medicaid, it is projected to cost the state over $1 billion dollars, in the next 10 years. However, the draw-down of federal dollars would be approximately 10 times that. The cost to an average taxpayer would be about $700 over that period.

About 60 percent of respondents said the state should not expand Medicaid. The remaining 40 percent favored the expansion.

2 A number of states have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Others have legalized marijuana for all purposes, including recreational. Which of the following best describes your attitude:

Roughly 42 percent of respondents favored the legalization of medicinal marijuana, and roughly 11 percent favored legalization for all purposes. The remaining, roughly 46 percent, opposed legalization of any kind.

3 The Kansas Department of Education estimates Kansas school spending will increase by $387.5 million this year and set a new per-pupil record of $13,647. Total spending of $6.472 billion is also a new record. The State of Kansas spends over half of its total budget on K-12 education. Based on those numbers by KSDE, that spending level is:

Exactly 50 percent of respondents indicated that amount was too high. Roughly 27 percent said it was about right, and the remaining 23 percent said it was too low.

Many thanks to all who took the time to log on and offer opinions. It is the feedback from districts that enables legislators to make better and more informed decisions.

State revenues

On Friday, Kansas Legislative Research Department released the revenue report for monthly receipts in FY ’18. With February revenues included, the total State General Fund receipts from taxes only are up $275 million from the November estimate. Individual income tax receipts are $269 million above the estimate. 

Les Mason is the Kansas House Representative for District 73, which covers much of McPherson County.