One week ago, my wife Jerri took an extremely bad fall at the intersection of Countryside and Meadowlane. Our thanks go to Matt Sandbo and his young daughters for rescuing Jerri and calling an ambulance and animal control.

The ambulance and animal control arrived to give temporary aid to my wife and assisted with rounding up our dogs and brought them to our home. Jerri received stitches just below her left eyebrow, and a temporary splint for her damaged left hand. Again, our wonderful McPherson emergency room doctor, Dr. Jody Bieker, and nursing staff provided excellent and compassionate care for my wife in our emergency room, which only a few weeks ago saved my life.

The other reason for this letter is to express my extreme disappointment to some people in the neighborhood. My wife was bleeding so much from the cut above her eye that she had trouble seeing as she also broke her glasses. Several cars passed by and ignored this woman lying in the street. Jerri could not get up because of her injuries. Two women out walking refused her cry for help or make a call for an ambulance.

She lay there until neighborhood children came and some stood by while others ran home to get Matt who came to her rescue!

I was flabbergasted and angry that so many folks in McPherson could be so lacking in care and compassion.

Dick Yeargan is a resident of McPherson