The McPherson City Commission met for a regular meeting on Monday, and here’s what you need to know:

1 Rebecca Lewis Pankratz and Angie McDonald gave a brief introduction to the Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs, Study initiative.

The initiative is focused on including the community in improving outcomes for students in adverse situations. It is part of the USD 418 school redesign project, which has a strong focus on social-emotional growth and community involvement. The hope is to work with the community to identify and address issues that prevent students from succeeding.

Pankratz and McDonald explained that adverse childhood experiences strongly contribute to social-emotional issues and can lead to major health problems.

The group is hosting a film series that addresses relevant topics. The film "Resilience" was shown a few weeks ago and the film "Paper Tigers" will be shown next.

Commissioners met with Pankratz and McDonald in a study session to obtain further information and to consider potential next steps.

2 Commissioners approved the purchase of two AvaiLED AV200 stop signs from Gades Sales Company Incorporated for an amount not to exceed $4,200. The city looked into ways to make the intersection at Avenue A and Maxwell Street safer and concluded that a LED-enhanced stop sign could draw attention to the stop requirement. These signs are solar powered. 

3 The McPherson County Commission will host a presentation by TUSA on a proposed radio system on at 10 a.m. on March 19 in the McPherson County Building, formerly the Bank of America building, in the fifth floor training room. All McPherson governing members are encouraged to attend and may be attending.

4 Commissioners approved the Park Department to accept the GT Auto Repair quote to repair the 1997 3/4 ton GMC truck, for a price not to exceed $1,160.11.