ABILENE — Not only did 17 MAC Wrestling Club wrestlers finish in the top four of their divisions at Saturday’s District III West Sub-District Wrestling Tournament in Abilene – but seven brought home first-place championships.

The 12-under wrestlers were extra strong as Treyton Pelnar, Tucker Pelnar, Landon Thompson, Ryder Norstrom and Elijah Clarke all brought home championships in their divisions, while 10-under Jase Fitzmorris and 14-under Jonah Scott also finished the day with first-place finishes.

Taking runner-up spots were Jaxon Chrislip and Bryson VanEaton in 8-under, Hayden Farley in the 12-under and Neill Raymond in 14-under.

The Pelnar twins turned around on Sunday and turned in another set of strong tournaments when Tucker took first-place and Treyton took second at the Middle School Championships, also in Abilene.

Next up for the MAC Wrestling Club will be on March 17 at the District III Championships in Topeka at Washburn Rural High School. Any MAC wrestler finishing in the top four will then qualify for the USAWKS Kids State Tournament at the Topeka Expocentre on March 24 and 25.

On March 18, the USAWKS Girls State Tournament will be held at Central Christian College in the Ed Pyle Sports Complex. The girls tournament will begin at 11 a.m.

MAC Wrestling Club individual results are as follows:

District III West Sub-State:

1st Place – Jase Fitzmorris, 10-under, 110 pounds

1st Place – Treyton Pelnar, 12-under, 72 pounds

1st Place – Tucker Pelnar, 12-under, 92 pounds

1st Place – Landon Thompson, 12-under, 110 pounds

1st Place – Ryder Norstrom, 12-under, 115 pounds

1st Place – Elijah Clarke, 12-under, 130 pounds

1st Place – Jonah Scott, 14-under, 205 pounds

2nd Place – Jaxon Chrislip, 8-under, 64 pounds

2nd Place – Bryson VanEaton, 8-under, 73 pounds

2nd Place – Hayden Farley, 12-under, 100 pounds

2nd Place – Neill Raymond, 14-under, 145 pounds

3rd Place – Noah Garcia, 8-under, 58 pounds

3rd Place – Julian Glover, 10-under, 79 pounds

3rd Place – Devin Frantz, 14-under, 140 pounds

4th Place – Jaxon Carlson, 8-under, 43 pounds

4th Place – Eli Farley, 10-under, 110 pounds

4th Place – Holli Giddings, 14-under, 145 pounds

5th Place – Brock Burgess, 12-under, 88 pounds

5th Place – Christian Mattox, 12-under, 105 pounds

5th Place – Javon Mattox, 14-under, 140 pounds

6th Place – Parker Hulvey, 8-under, 55 pounds

Others wrestling were Jake Evans, Rette Krehbiel and Sarah Hitt.

Middle School Championships:

1st Place – Tucker Pelnar, Middle School Division, 95 pounds

2nd Place – Treyton Pelnar, Middle School Division, 75 pounds