Players from across McPherson County received all-league honors for the 2017-2018 basketball season. McPherson High School headlined with 10 players from both the boys and girls team making their all-league team. Both Ben Pyle and Taylor Robertson were named player of the year and Chris Strathman and Kurt Kinnamon were named coach of the year.

Here are the McPherson County highlights that made the all-league team in each conference:

AVCTL Division III

McPherson High School Boys

— First Team

Jake Alexander

Mason Alexander

Ben Pyle

— Honorable Mention

Drew Labertew

— Most Valuable Player: Ben Pyle

— Coach of the Year: Kurt Kinnamon

McPherson High School Girls

— First Team

Taylor Robertson

Riley Hett

—Second Team

Mandi Cooks

Lakyn Schieferecke

_ Honorable Mention

Hannah Hageman

Cassie Cooks

— Player of the Year: Taylor Robertson

— Coach of the Year: Chris Starthman

Central Kansas

Smoky Valley High School Boys

— First Team

Nick Reinert

— Second Team

Jacob Adams

Brett Heitschmidt

Ben Weldy

— Honorable Mention

Zach Able

Smoky Valley High School Girls

— Honorable Mention

Amanda Behanna

Jordan Otto

Wheat State League

Elyria Christian School Boys

— First Team

Tyler Thiessen

Aidan Fields

— Honorable Mention

Caleb Froese

Elyria Christian School Girls

— First Team

Bailey Unruh

Little River High School Boys

— First Team

Jayden Garrison

Jace Garrison

— Honorable Mention

Levi Swenson

Little River High School Girls

— First Team

Melanie Renken

— Honorable McBride

Emma McBride

Canton-Galva High School Girls

n First Team

Tia Moddelmog

Heart of America League

Inman High School Boys

— First Team

Payton Froese

Second Team

Mason Thiessen

Inman High School Girls

— First Team

MaKayla Michael

— Honorable Mention

Olivia Clark

Macy DeWitt

Moundridge High School Boys

— First Team

Noah Eichelberger

— Second Team

Dillon Vogts

— Honorable Mention

Brady Helms

Moundridge High School Girls

— First Team

Bethany Stucky

— Honorable Mention

Kassidy Kaufman

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