The McPherson City Commission met for a regular meeting Monday morning, and here's what you need to know: 

1 The commissioners voted to allocate $36,000 from the park department general fund to match McPherson County Community Foundation Grant funds of $25,000. Staff will purchase and install new play equipment at three parks: Whitlock, Lakeside No. 4 and Countryside in an amount not to exceed $57,060. Play area equipment will be purchased from Fry and Associates, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri.

The funds contributing to this grant are the Kansas Health Foundation Children's Fund, Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund and Youth Fitness for Life Fund.

A number of donors from the community also donated to the project, including Hedlund Electric, CHS Refinery, Miss Myers and the McPherson Middle School sixth grade core advisory class.

2 Commissioners approved two items for the McPherson Police Department.

The department was approved to hire Jacob Pearson as a police officer, pending successful completion of pre-employment exams, effective April 2.

The department was also approved to purchase a Stalker Moving Radar Unit from Stalker Radar/Applied Concepts, Inc. for a cost not to exceed $2,395. 

3 A public hearing is required to be held to evaluate the performance and elicit any public comments related to the CDBG Housing Grant No. 16-HR-001, which has received its final monitoring and expended all eligible funds after today's authorization request.

The city is required to capture and record any oral or written comments received at this hearing to pass on to the state.

Following the public hearing, a number of documents need to be completed and a final payment needs to be made to SCKEDD in the amount of $6,250. The payment officially compensates SCKEDD for the total $25,000 agreed to by contract.

4 Commissioners voted to approve an agreement between the city and McPherson Board of Public Utilities regarding the Lakeside Park lighting project. The agreement notes that BPU and the city recognize the urgent need to replace aging and deteriorating series wired street and park lights in and near Lakeside Park and Lakeside Drive.

The city has available sales tax revenue that can pay for some, but not all of the needed improvements. BPU policy does not generally allow for BPU participation in lighting that is not street lights, but a limited exception is appropriate under these circumstances.

BPU agrees to provide the cost of street lights up to $129,600 for Lakeside Park and the city has the discretion to place the lights in any location in the project.

BPU will add a total of $208,300 to the 2019 Street Light Rate Calculation, General Ledger 1.585.000 account for Street Light Maintenance. This amount will be the balance of the Lakeside Park project and street and sidewalk lights from Wall Park to Thunderbird Street. Upon completion of the project, BPU will invoice the city for $77,400.