Shopping local is a big priority for McPherson Main Street and they are helping McPherson residents do just that by offering the annual Spring Open House from April 5 through 7.

"It's an opportunity to see what the new spring trends and products are and to feature our stores and to let people be more aware of what we have right here in McPherson — we use any opportunity we can to do that," said Ann Engel, executive director of McPherson Main Street.

Stores gather their best spring items they found at market to showcase to residents on those days, as well as sales.

"They go to market right after Christmas and pick out what they want and then showcase them during the spring open house," she added.

Engel said the spring open house is a time for Mac residents to experience what stores have to offer right in their home town.

"It's just a fun time to wonder around and look at everything. It isn't just downtown on Main Street, we have several different businesses outside of Main Street," she added.

Stores will put signs outside welcoming shoppers into their doors, however, all stores involved will have different hours to shop.

"The reason we don't post specific hours is because getting all those stores together for those dates is it's hard for them to plan that far ahead, so it will be their normal hours," Engel noted.

Engel said she is proud of the stores McPherson has to offer, as she knows small towns can be hard to find everything needed when shopping.

"We're very lucky. I think a lot of times we take what we have for granted, but we're very lucky on the amount of stores we do have. We have an awful lot here to offer and if people would just explore, they'd be surprised at what they can find. I think its a good idea to support our local businesses," she said.

Stores involved in the spring open house are:

— The Bookshelf, 206 N. Main

— The Hidden Closet, 206 N. Main

— CK Pharmacy, 200 N. Main

— Graber Ace Hardware, 319 N. Main

— Hopp's Sound 214 E. Euclid St.

— The Well, 101 N. Main

— Simply Good Overstocks, 301 S. Main

— McPherson Eye Care, 1323 E. First St.

— Twice Told Tales, 104 S. Main

— Browns Shoe Fit, 118 N. Main

— The Stone Chimney, 1500 E. First St.

— Nook's & Crannies Floral & Gifts, 113 N. Main

— BuySupps, 202 N. Main

— ArtShirt - Gear for Sport, 211 N. Main

— The Cook's Nook, 219 N. Main

— Brooklyn & Co, 215 N. Main

— Rusty Tin Boutique, 110 S. Main

— CTFit24, 119 N. Main

— The Finish, 900 E. First St.

— Venable Jewelers, 214 N. Main St.

For more information, call McPherson Main Street at 620-241-7430 or visit their website at or visit their Facebook page.

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