The Meals on Wheels of McPherson, KS Inc. is ready to hit the ground running for the spring season and is searching for April and May volunteers.

"Volunteers deliver one day a week for example, if they deliver on a Monday, they will do that for a two month rotation and then they will come back in August and September and do it again," said Connie Grennan, director of Meals on Wheels.

Volunteers will meet Grennan at McPherson Hospital, located at 1000 Hospital Dr., around 10:45 a.m. to pack meals and will begin their routes around 11 a.m.

"Volunteers will use their own vehicles for their routes and there are no more than 10 stops on a route," she noted.

Grennan added she will take volunteers anytime and is looking for substitute drivers when other volunteers cannot be there for their route.

"I have a lot of elderly drivers that are needing substitutes as they can't drive as often anymore. Also, our number of receivers are down right now and I don't have a waiting list anymore," she added. "Their routes usually take less than an hour to complete. The thing I'm seeing with volunteers is they think it's too big of a commitment — it's not. When they deliver, they're often quite surprised at how simple we have made it for them to deliver. When someone does take a permanent route and they can't be there, I don't want it to be a burden for them and then it's my job to find a substitute."

Meals on Wheels usually has around 100 volunteers to keep things moving in a steady pace.

"People come and go, their lives change, so I'm continually looking for volunteers. I have six routes that go out Monday through Friday so there's 30 people needed right there and then I have four routes that go out on weekends," she said.

If volunteers wish to go out individually they can and they can also go out in groups.

Grennan said that volunteers often are upset if their route changes, as they grow close with their receivers.

"It's a very important service for our community and volunteers tell me their blessed over and over by doing this. You get to know the people and I have volunteers tell me that they aren't happy if I have to move somebody off their route because sometimes I have to make an opening for a substitute. They get close to them and they enjoy visiting with them because sometimes their volunteer is the only contact they have during the day is when they come to bring them their meal," she added.

To volunteer for Meals on Wheels, call Grennan at 620-241-5238 and she will gather basic information and find a route and times for you to take. 

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