INMAN — The Inman Harvest Cafe received and egg-celent rating for a crowd favorite — their All-In Omelet.

On Thursday, the cafe was ranked number three out of 10 for the best omelet in Kansas by Best Things Kansas.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” laughed the co-owner of the cafe, Katy Reinecker. “People have asked me what my favorite thing to cook is and I always tell them it’s the omelets.”

Reinecker is not sure who came into her cafe, but she said the is thankful the undercover-eater recognized them for their hard work and good food.

“I don’t know who came into eat and I don’t know how many independent restaurants are in Kansas, I’m sure there’s a lot, but to be put in the top 10 is a big deal. Then they put us at number three — that’s huge,” she said

“My goal is always to give people the best for their money and I want them to leave happy. And sometimes I give them way more than what other places do... I want them to love what they’re eating — I’m glad someone recognizes that.”

The omelet that received the number three spot was their All-In One omelet, which has everything a breakfast lover could want inside the burrito-styled dish.

“It’s got fire-roasted peppers, onions then we put mushrooms in and then it has ham, bacon and sausage so you don’t have to choose anything — you just have it all in one omelet,” she said.

“I started cooking this one about six months ago and its been really popular — I can’t believe how many All-In One omelets we sell,” Reinecker said.

The article by The Best Things in Kansas said, “This small-town cafe orders up one of the best Kansas omelets in the state. A healthy size omelet full of eggs, onions, cheese, meats and peppers, simply the best.”

Another thing that makes this omelet unique is the sausage, which is from their local grocery store called the CornerStone Market.

“It’s the best breakfast sausage in the world and I think that had a lot to do with it,” she said.

While the All-In omelet may be her favorite thing to cook, and eat, Reinecker said she is willing to cook whatever omelet the customer wants — even if it’s not on the menu.

“If you’re in here and you’ve got an idea for an omelet that I haven’t thought of and I have the ingredients, I’m glad to try it,” she said.

If a customer comes in on their fried chicken Friday’s, Reinecker said she is more than happy to whip up an omelet.

“If you want to come in on Friday at 6 p.m. when we’re crazy busy with fried chicken — I will fix you an omelet, I don’t care. I love to fix them and if it’s in my kitchen I will cook it for you,” she said.

As word of their recent award quickly spreads, Reinecker said she hopes the news will draw in more hungry customers.

“I hope they eat the omelet. I never know what people are going to do. I could be named best omelet this week and next week sell nothing but biscuits and gravy,” she laughed. “And that’s OK too. If it brings people in — that’s awesome — no matter what they order.”

For more information on the cafe call them at 620-585-6925 or visit their website at or visit their Facebook page. 

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