Staff at Kindred Hospice, play a key role patients’ care and well-being, but volunteers have a vital role as well.

To fill that need the hospice, at 900 E. 1st St., Is seeking special people to share their time, talents and companionship with patients.

“We have a lot of things volunteers help out with. In the office, they do administrative things like answering phones, stuffing packets, stuffing envelopes, mailing ... those office duties,” Jen Jensen, volunteer coordinator at Kindred Hospice said.

Volunteers also get the chance to work with patients first hand.

“Volunteers actually get to visit patients. They can sit with them and it’s really awesome because they just come in and hang out with patients for the day,” she said.

Jensen said that patients often enjoy talking with volunteers. She said they are a “new face” for the patients.

“The patients are just excited to have someone else come in and be with them. It’s always nice to have someone to tell your stories too when a lot of friends and family have heard their stories over and over. Sometimes it’s nice for the patients to have these volunteers because not every patient has the support system that we would hope they have, and so our nurses and volunteers are their support system — the volunteers and nurses mean the world to that patient,” she said.

Kindred Hospice also offers at-home care for patients while others can stay at the hospice if they wish. Volunteers also get the chance to assist with at-home patients and their families.

“Volunteers can run errands and provide relief for the caregivers and give them a break if they need house work or meals prepared — we are here to help in all situations,” she said.

If volunteers aren’t quite ready to work in the office or to provide hands-on work with patients, the Kindred Hospice annual bereavement camp is in need of many caring people to pull everything together.

“Our camp called, ‘Camp I Believe,’ is put on every summer and this summer it’s from June 2 through June 3 at Camp Horizon in Ark City, Kansas. We utilize volunteers not only to help us that weekend as counselors, but to prepare.

There are a lot of things to get ready for this camp. Things as simple as getting name tags together or sending out information to schools,” she said.

Jensen said that the camp is one of their busiest events of the year.

Jensen also said volunteers do not need to serve a certain amount of time, as an hour for a month is more than enough if that’s all volunteers can give.

“If a volunteer can give one hour a month, that’s awesome. If a volunteer can give one hour a day, that is just as awesome. Everyone’s time is so precious and there’s so many things going on and volunteers can give so differently of their time. My goal for each week is to have 15 to 20 volunteer hours,” she said.

For more information, call Kindred Hospice at 620-240-0891 or visit their website at

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