INMAN — Film fans can view everything from dramas to documentaries, all produced by Inman students, at a new video festival.

The Inman Arts Council will present the 2018 Video Festival at 6:30 p.m. April 14 at Inman High School, 404 S. Main St. The event is free and open to the public.

In the first half of the evening, videos created by students of Inman Schools — including elementary, junior high and high school — will be shown.

Inman teachers Kim Herron and Kim Baldwin worked with students since last fall to create not only videos, but newscasts, podcasts, news articles, websites, social media posts and graphic designs.

“It’s a wide variety of media technology,” Baldwin said.

This past week, the students took their projects to the Kansas Student Technology Leader’s state media competition in Manhattan.

In the competition, which is open to sixth-grade through 12th-grade students, competitors must present their work to a panel of judges.

That brings public speaking skills into the mix as they share how they created their submissions.

“It’s not just the students getting up in front of the judges and pressing play,” Baldwin said.

“We know we’re producing good sample work, but we have to be able to defend it in competition.”

At the video festival, projects ranging from public service announcements to newscasts to a mini documentary about three Inman teachers who have been with the school district for 25 years will be shown.

“You’ll see a lot of different videos, a lot of artistic creation at the video festival,” Baldwin said.

A dramatic silent film, a stop-motion Lego story about relationships, a short film about the four seasons and a video about life of a high schooler (who is represented by a green balloon) will be shown.

The second half of the video festival will feature a showing of “Farm Kids,” which was written and produced by Kevin Honeycutt.

“Farm Kids” was made after Honeycutt worked with Inman High School students to create the film “The Ghost of Inman High” in 2002. After that film’s success, the junior high students asked for a movie to feature them, and “Farm Kids” was the result. Inman Arts Council President Diane Miller said a VHS copy of “Farm Kids” was found and converted to DVD for the video festival. It has not been seen since its premiere 15 years ago.

“’Farm Kids’ is kind of a secret project that no one knew about,” Baldwin said.

“That’s why we created a video festival.” Miller said, “because we could, and we had good material.”

Award-winning material, to be precise, as several of the Inman students’ films placed in the top six at the KSTL competition.

“We’re a small school district and a small school competing with much larger schools, but we’ve always done really well when we’ve taken our products to competition,” Baldwin noted.

Projects in the top three places are presented in front of a large audience at the competition.

“It’s exciting to see your kiddos place in the top six, but it’s really cool to see them present in front of the big group,” Baldwin said.

The Inman Elementary School team of Kambrey Woods, Sydney Maurer and Zach Martisko took first in Webpage Design and student David Knechtal took fourth. Inman High School student Aurora Gilzinger also took first in the same category.

In Graphic Design, a category requiring student to create imagery for a banner, raffle ticket, T-shirt and poster, Inman Elementary School student Brant Mikulecky won second place and Inman High School student Freddie Evans took fifth-place.

Interactive Media winners included Inman Elementary School team members Kambrey Woods, Sydney Maurer and Zachary Martisko placing third, Inman High School’s Payton Larson placing third and Inman High School student Steffy Michel taking fourth.

The Inman Elementary School team of Violet Stevens and Nathan Reinecker took third place in Video Production - News Story and Inman High School student Payton Larson took sixth place in the same category.

The Inman Arts Council invites everyone to watch the work of Inman students on the big screen in the high school auditorium.