TOPEKA (AP) — Security concerns have been raised over a new Kansas website that collects vehicle owner information.

The Wichita Eagle reports that the state launched the site iKan on March 29. It’s used to perform vehicle registration renewals, but Kansas plans to expand it to include vital records and voter registration in the coming months.

Donna Shelite, the state’s chief information technology officer, said the site lets residents get “what they need from multiple services in a single experience.”

Individuals can look up their information on the site by entering their assigned PIN.

The numbers appear to be sequential and not randomly generated. The ability to access other people’s information was first disclosed on the social network site Reddit. A user called CitizenofKansas said they accidentally entered the wrong PIN while trying to renew their vehicle registration and brought up someone else’s information.

A Kansas Department of Revenue spokeswoman says it’s illegal to use another person’s PIN to access information.

“Fortunately, there is no privileged personal information to be accessed, even with the illegal use of a pin number.”