In barbecue, bigger is always better and owners James Nanges and Dannon Danks are determined to grow by moving Woodies BBQ Shack to a bigger, better location.

“We have just outgrown this location our sales are shooting through the roof. We had an opportunity to cross the street and it just made sense,” Nanges said.

While the original Woodies at 206 Centennial Dr. in McPherson has been good to them, Nanges said it was time for a change of scenery.

So they will open Woodies at 2100 E. Kansas Ave. sometime around mid-May.

“We will have a bigger parking lot and easier access. The restaurant will also provide better visibility of the lobby and we can seat more people — we’re really excited to be more accessible to the community,” he added.

The original Woodies can seat around 35, while the new one will have room for 60 or more and includes a drive through.

New food items are being added along with a new look.

“We’re carrying our original menu over with us but we’re going to add new things. We’re going to have giant baked potatoes, giant Kansas City style BBQ nachos, salads and a full fried menu,” he said.

As new food items are being put in place, new beverages are being added too.

“We will have beer at our new location. A lot of people were asking me about that and we definitely want to make sure we have that covered,” Nanges said. “We will offer a few different varieties, but we definitely don’t want to be anything like a bar. We want the beer to accentuate the food.”

Nanges said this is his 12th move and remodel — so he is no stranger to the process.

“I’ve done restaurants my whole life, we’re used to how it works and we’re expecting a significant increase with the drive through — we’re fast already, but to be able to get our food to people faster will make it a lot more beneficial,” he said.

Nanges said he is pleased with the visibility of the new location.

“It’s right on the highway and is also one of the busiest intersections in the county — it's going to be fantastic. Our original location is great but it's kind of tucked back here. The community knows us and we’re kind of a staple here. But this will expose us to new people that are traveling,” he said.

Nanges and Danks are also looking to hire staff with more customers expected.

“We have our management team assembled already and right now we’re looking for part-time for the evening and lunch hours,” he said.

Continuing to serve good barbecue is a top priority for the owners, but so is customer service.

“One of the most important things to us is guest relations. We want to make sure everybody is happy and taken care of and proud of what we’re doing and brag about us,” Nanges said. “We’re looking to be able to serve the community better and knowing that we’ve got a fantastic product and we’re looking forward to increasing staff and get our product to more people.”

For more information, contact Woodies at 620-245-5820.

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