INMAN — A lot of kidding around happened at the Inman Junior Senior High School’s Annual FFA Barnyard Day on Wednesday as kids and goats were up close and personal with one another during the goat yoga session.

“We were looking at ways to address the wellness section of our national chapter application. And we were looking at ways we could incorporate wellness directly into agriculture. A teacher here, Kim Baldwin, had gone to one of these sessions and she mentioned it and it as a way (to think) outside of the box. None of us had done this before,” said Daniel Knapp, the agriculture instructor and FFA advisor at Inman. “We thought ‘What better way to incorporate wellness into agriculture than goat yoga?’ ”

Knapp said the group has also shown students the importance of agriculture.

“What we do is we try to highlight some of our kids’ projects and have them bring in their show steer, horses, lambs pigs or goats. We try to hit all the major farm animals that these kids would see if they went to visit a farm,” Knapp said.

Knapp and his FFA team have partnered with Mid Kansas Coop in Moundridge to educate children about the importance spraying crops — and addressing the misconceptions the practice arises in people who don’t farm.

“MKC has brought a wet and dry fertilizer out the last few years. They talk to kids about when they see those machines driving through the fields spraying that stuff — they tell them what it is, why they (farmers) do it,” he said.

Along with farm animals and equipment, a variety of activities were featured during the Barnyard Day such as: a tractor PTO safety demonstration, cattle dogs herding sheep, Barnyard Olympics, a fishing demonstration, Baldwin’s Pop Corn and much more.

Students from Hutchinson, McPherson, Inman and Buhler attended.

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