I would like to express my appreciation for "The Big Event" sponsored by McPherson High School that took place on April 25. It was a day of community service by high school students.

I love a nice lawn as much as anyone, but due to a chronic respiratory condition, I cannot spend too much time outside, especially in this Kansas wind.

Consequently, leaves had piled up around my front porch, my light-colored siding was coated with dirt, what lawn tools I had were a muddy mess in the garage and I didn't have a hope of getting any spring flowers planted. The day of "The Big Event" several groups of teen-agers from the high school went to different places in McPherson and volunteered their services. The group of six youngsters who came to my house were hardworking and charming and were supervised by their counselor, Melissa Loibl, who was also hardworking and charming.

They worked for about three hours and accomplished an amazing amount of work.

They raked up and sacked the leaves, washed the siding, sorted and hung up my tools, cleaned up the flower pots and planted my spring flowers.

Now this old lady's house and yard will measure up to anyone's. I got teary-eyed when I saw all the work they had done. They wouldn't let me pay them, so I did the next best thing and gave them all the warm cookies they could eat with my heartfelt thanks.

The yearbook photographers came by to take pictures.

So again, thank you McPherson High School and thank you to the wonderful bunch of teen-agers who came by and made my spring so much brighter. 

Sherrilyn Malaby is a resident of McPherson.