The USD 418 Board of Education approved final redesign plans for McPherson Middle School and Eisenhower Elementary during a special meeting at 7 p.m. at Lincoln Elementary.

However, the board decided to wait until its next meeting on May 14 to make a final decision on approval of $105,000 in the budget for full-time physical education and music teachers and staff training.

The vote was 7-0.

The Kansas Can Resdesign focuses on bedrock principles of social emotional learning:

— Student choice in learning activities

— Long-term projects as part of daily learning

— Extra curricular activities.

— Tying physical activity and learning to each other.

— A balance of learning, structure and assessment.

Eisenhower elementary will increase its focus on childhood education, and boost hours spent on music, art and physical education.

Both Eisenhower and McPherson Middle School will emphasize student lead project based learning, with the middle school also focusing on student engagement and community service.