The Cedars is delighted to welcome LaMonte Rothrock as Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

In his new role, Rothrock is responsible for sales and supervision of Independent Living and for assisting persons who want to transition to Assisted Living.

Currently approximately 150 people live in duplexes in The Village and another 60 individuals have Assisted Living apartments in The Courts or Special Care.

Mr. Rothrock works with persons in the McPherson area who are excited about moving to an energized community full of activities and no longer want to deal with the challenges of home ownership – ongoing maintenance, lawn and garden care, and snow removal. Homes in The Cedars Village are sold with a life-lease option and monthly maintenance fee.

From data gleaned in the last market study, 70 percent of independent living folks come from McPherson County with most of the remaining 30 percent coming from surrounding areas in Kansas. Cedars residents who moved from other towns to McPherson often voice that they were attracted to the local amenities including the Opera House and wonderful parks. Living at The Cedars offers many opportunities for socialization, activities, and a strong sense of community.

Carma Wall, Cedars CEO, shared, “I am excited to have LaMonte Rothrock in this critical position. He brings skills in managing and maintaining rental property, with experience in strategic planning. He also knows most of our constituency here at The Cedars. LaMonte will help us continue to be the retirement community of choice.”

Rothrock is a lifelong resident of McPherson, graduating from both McPherson High School and McPherson College.