The McPherson County Farmers Market, sponsored by the McPherson County Extension Office, is returning to McPherson once again a week earlier this year starting at 7:30 a.m. on May 19.

“People are liking to buy fresh food, veggies, baked goods, eggs and other items. They know they’re coming from locally raised vendors and farmers. It’s really increased in popularity not just here but nation-wide,” said Arnie Neufeld, marketing manager of the farmers market.

Any farmer that has a vendor and lives in McPherson County is welcome to come to this event and does not need to register ahead of time to attend.

The market will be every Saturday from May 19 until the last Saturday in October from 7:30 a.m. until noon, located at 700 W. Woodside St. in McPherson.

To participate in the farmers market, a one- time fee of $20 can be paid to the Extension Office. Neufeld also noted that tables will be provided at the market and cost $10 if vendors use one but cost $15 if they use two.

The event is a week earlier than normal this year and Neufeld said he is worried with all the recent cold snaps that produce may be down in the first couple of weekends.

“We had to plant a lot of things twice because of these cold spells. We raise about 2,500 pounds of sweet onions and if we reach about 1/5 of that, I’ll be happy. This cold weather paralyzed everything. I think everyone got hurt this year,” he said.

Neufeld said around 12 vendors are at the farmers market in the heat of the summer when the summer produce arrives, but said to expect about seven or eight vendors for the first weekend.