For the first time in nearly thirty years the McPherson Aqua Pups Swim Club will be applying some changes in scheduling for their upcoming 2018 summer season.

In the fall of 2017, the parent board that oversees the Aqua Pups voted to take them out of the Great Plains Swim League of which the Aqua Pups had been a part of for the better part of the past three decades worth of summer swimming.

According to Aqua Pups coach Kyle Banman, it will not affect too much of their day to day operations in terms of practice, though it seems to be a drastic change on the surface.

For those who swim with the Aqua Pups during the Short Course (or fall and winter) Season, the competition really won’t change all that much, though it will be different for those who do just swim in the summer.

Among the differences for the 2018 summer season will be changing from six (three home and three away) meets on Tuesday evenings, to working in partnership with the Salina Aquatics Club and the Hutchinson YMCA Swim Club to have a series of three Tri-Meets that the McPherson Aqua Pups will host at the McPherson Water Park on the usual Tuesday evenings throughout June and early July.

“We are pretty excited about the change in regard to the schedule as we have always had a solid relationship with both the Salina and Hutchinson clubs,” noted Banman. “We’re all kind of in the same boat in that we are just not as big as the Wichita teams, nor the clubs up in the Northeast part of Kansas. Plus, we see each other much more frequently via competing with and against each other during the six-month long short course season. Given all that, while we’ll still be going head to head, it’s cool to be able to band together like this with our neighbors to the North and South.”

Besides the Tuesday evening schedule, the Aqua Pups will be putting an emphasis this summer on three different weekend invitational meets. According to Banman, the Aqua Pups have offered these in the past, but they wouldn’t have many swimmers attend, while he does see that changing this summer.

The three weekend meets will be – The Wichita Aqua Shocks ‘Summer Sizzler’, the Manhattan Marlins ‘Little Apple Invitational’ and the Lawrence Aquahawks ‘Wave the Wheat Invitational’.

Banman also added that the Aqua Pups will still have the District Championships as well as the Missouri Valley Swimming Long Course Championships in late July.

“There is a definite chance that a few individuals could make it to the Speedo Sectionals in July as well,” commented Coach Banman. “We have had swimmers qualify in the past, but most were unable to attend the meet.”

Overall Banman finished his reflections on the upcoming season by concluding, “It’s going to be different this summer, but overall I am excited to see how it plays out.”

2018 McPherson Aqua Pups Summer Schedule:

Home Meets will be on –

Tuesday, June 19

Tuesday, June 26

Tuesday, July 10

Road Meets will be –

June 8-10 at The Wichita Aqua Shocks ‘ Summer Sizzler’

June 16-17 at Manhattan Marlins ‘Little Apple Invitational’

July 6-8 at Lawrence Aquahawks ‘Wave the Wheat Invitational’

July 20-22 at District Championships hosted by the Wichita Swim Club

July 27-29 at Missouri Valley Swimming Long Course Championships in Lawrence