CANTON — The city of Canton’s burn site was closed on Sunday after Canton Police Chief Mark Barnett discovered prohibited items were left there.

Signs posted at the city’s burn site make it clear what can be left at the location — “Limbs and brush only.”

Illegally dumped items can cause burn sites to fail state inspections and lead to them being closed permanently.

“Sometime between Friday and Saturday, somebody dumped a dresser and a pickup load full of pallets,” Barnett said.

According to Barnett, the issue of illegally dumped items showing up at Canton’s burn site is an ongoing problem.

“We’ve just kind of had our fill of it, so we’ve locked it down for right now,” Barnett said.

Only natural waste — things like tree limbs, brush and grass clippings — can be deposited at Canton’s burn site.

Burn sites are subject to regulations from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, which are set to prevent the release of chemicals that could contaminate the air.

“Clean waste wood is defined as meaning uncontaminated wood waste,” states KDHE’s Open Burning of Waste Wood Technical Guidance Document. “Contaminated waste wood includes painted, stained or coated wood, chemically treated lumber for preservation and engineered wood products such as plywood, oriented strand or particle board.”

Barnett not only found pallets and wooden furniture left at the burn site, pieces of metal and nails were also dumped there, creating a hazard for the tires of other vehicles entering the area.

Barnett is consulting with Canton’s city prosecutor about the applicable penalties for illegal dumping. The burn site is monitored, but the video camera’s quality is poor, which makes it difficult to identify offenders.

“We’re going to look into investing in new security cameras out there so we can see people better,” Barnett said.

The burn site will be closed for at least a week.

“I know I’ve got a lot of aggravated people in town, but hopefully this will get their attention,” Barnett said.

For more information about Canton’s burn site, call the city at 620-628-4916.