The Live Wires-Empire Best 4-H Club held its June meeting at the McPherson County Fairgrounds in Canton on June 10.

The meeting was called to order by Lane McMannis, vice president. The Flag Salute and 4-H Pledge were then given. Roll call was answered with “What is your favorite part about summer?”

Twelve members, three leaders and five guests and parents were present. The Kruse family is working up plans for the club banner for the fair. The club will complete it during the July meeting.

American Legion Night will be June 18th and each member will need to sell five tickets. The club has been asked to bring 80 deserts.

The Toews family will be organizing concessions for the McPherson County Fair. Every club family is asked to sign up and help. Items will be ordered from Sam’s Club and Evco.

The club voted to remove Wiens from its bank account and update with McMannis at the Citizen’s State Bank. Program. Isom Marston gave a talk on “Preparing a Calving Kit for Calving Season.”