MOUNDRIDGE — While Jason Rains spends most of his time being the pastor of Grace Crossing, a church in Moundridge, he and his wife, Emilie, were looking for more ways to use their experience to benefit others. Their desire to help people outside of a church setting resulted in the couple launching 15:7 Consulting late last year.

“Some of the people who we feel we can help or influence may never set foot in a church,” Jason Rains said.

With Jason’s understanding of mentoring individuals in leadership and Emilie’s career of working in mental health and marketing, the Rains feel they have the gifts to work alongside businesses and individuals.

“When you’re a pastor, people always come to you for advice and it’s not always spiritual advice,” Jason Rains said.

Jason’s education included a focus on organizational leadership, including such areas as decision making, networking, leadership and conflict management.

“I’ve been consulting with churches for years and I said, ‘You know what? The things that work for church, they really do work in the business world,’” Jason Rains said. “So much of leadership and business philosophy is Biblical, but we don’t think of it that way because there’s not a verse attached to it.”

The Rains tailor their approach to each client; they can give Biblical principles for living and working without — or with — talking about their belief in Jesus.

“If a business, even if they didn’t believe in God, would read the book of Proverbs for a month straight, they could change their whole business concept,” Jason Rains said.

The name for their business comes from 2 Chronicles 15:7, which reads, “But as for you, be strong and don’t give up, for your hard work will be rewarded.” 

“My wife and I, we want to add value to people,” Jason Rains said. “We want to build businesses that are healthy and are value-driven and understand that their success is going to be tied to the way they add value to others.”

Much of their strategy in aiding business clients is based on improving a company’s culture.

“Culture is a big deal in organizations and it’s a big deal in churches,” Jason Rains said.

Companies that do not actively shape their culture can see high turnover and low productivity from their employees.

“What we find is a lot of places don’t know what they value. They know their bottom line and how to get to the bottom line, but that’s why they have turnover — they’re so concerned with the bottom line that people are just a cog in the wheel, just part of the system,” Jason Rains said. “...We’ve kind of drifted from a community-based society to an individual-based society. In business, that doesn’t work well.”

When businesses and organizations understand that building their culture is the first step in reaching professional goals, it can result in better employee retention.

“You see positive leadership all over the place in organizational culture — how to communicate with other people’s values in mind and how to not just lead one way and let people gravitate to you,” Jason Rains said. “You lead based on what the person is. That’s an effective leader.”

Better business practices build up people, which in turn has a positive effect on families, communities and the economy, Rains said. His philosophy is one of equipping clients with the skills they need in such a way that they can then mentor others as needed.

Besides consulting with businesses, the Rains also provide one-on-one coaching for individuals going through divorce, transitioning through life seasons, experiencing job changes, etc.

After an initial meeting with a client, it is not uncommon for the Rains to find that the problems they are struggling with are symptoms of deeper issues.

“That’s part of my job, to give people a different perspective on what they thought their issues were,” Jason Rains said. “...They don’t like to deal with their own stuff, they’d rather deal with other people’s stuff and it’s affecting their performance. They’re not happy, they’re not content and then what they do is go home and their home is filled with tension because they’re not at peace in their own life.”

Jason emphasized he is more coach than counselor — someone who works with a person to develop and implement a plan of action. With 15:7 Consulting, the Rains have worked with everyone from teenagers to senior citizens, generally in three-month blocks, to encourage them to make positive choices in their lives.

“You never grow out of needing to learn how to make good decisions,” Jason Rains said.

For more information about 15:7 Consulting, visit or call 620-386-4972.

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