LINDSBORG — Lindsborg Police Officer Derek Bartlett received an unusual call for service on Monday afternoon — there was a report of a baby deer in the city’s community garden.

“This has never happened before,” Bartlett laughed.

That call wasn’t the first sighting of the spotted fawn, though — residents had seen it earlier that day as well, near the north side of town.

“Ir’s really unusual to see deer in town at all,” Bartlett said.

The baby deer kept calling for its mother, but none appeared. Bartlett said when he first approached the animal, a young girl was trying to feed it leaves, but it just nibbled them momentarily and then lost interest.

“I think he was still young enough to not be able to eat leaves,” Bartlett said.

It took several volunteers from Lindsborg Emergency Medical Services and Lindsborg Police Office Eric Kruckenberg, along with Bartlett, to corral the fawn.

“For as little as he was, he could kick,” Bartlett said.

Eventually the baby deer stopped squirming and even drank water from Kruckenberg’s hand.

“Once he realized we weren’t going to kill him, he was calm,” Bartlett said.

The fawn was placed into a dog crate and released back near the north side of town.

“The hope is he’ll find a new mom or the old mom,” Bartlett said.