LINDSBORG — If you were driving by Kaps gas station in Lindsborg yesterday (Monday), you may have seen two little ones, Oliver and Twyla Giesen, out with a red wagon with flowers in vases inside and a “Flowers for Sale” sign.

That’s how they’re making money for their Fourth of July firework fund this year.

“They love the Fourth of July and fireworks,” said their mother, Briana Zimmerling.

Oliver, 3, and Twyla, 7, have received their mother and father’s green thumbs as they are now selling flowers for the second year in a row from their own garden, and a few from their grandmothers as well.

“Last year we just had a surplus of flowers and Twyla started making signs so we said, ‘Sure, if you want to sell them go outside,” Zimmerling said.

Their mother also said it was a great way to beat the competition from the Kaps gas station, who also sells lemonade, and to do something different.

“We live right across the street from them and so we

decided to be different and sell flowers,” Zimmerling said.

The children even had a special visit from the Lindsborg Police Department yesterday.

“They came out and even gave Oliver some baseball cards, he was so excited,” Zimmerling said.

Many Lindsborg residents spread the word all over social media saying how grateful they were for the cheerful flowers.

“We’ve had a lot of people out here today, it’s been great for them,” Zimmerling said.

The vases are from Tackle Thrift Store in Lindsborg and are often given back to the store as a way to recycle them.

“We just buy the vases from them every year and it’s just a great way to use them,” Zimmerling said.

The family have a love of being outside and in the garden, so it’s only natural for their kids to do the same.

“My husband is the one who really likes to plant the garden beds, he got this all started. Every year we’ve just kept adding on,” Zimmerling said.

When asked about what kind of flowers were in the vases, Twyla’s eyes were aglow.

“Mostly Zinnias,” Twyla noted, while her mom guided her along. “There’s also Daisy’s, and Apple Mint.”

Twyla said her favorite part about selling flowers, besides making money for more fireworks, was getting to be outside, and Oliver said he loves to cut the flowers from the garden.

“This is a great way for Twyla to get out of her comfort zone. She’s a little shy but when she’s doing this she’s smiling, waving and talking to all sorts of people,” Zimmerling said.