Despite everything McPherson’s art’s scene has to offer the young, the city lacks a dance studio.

Kristal Venters, owner of the Prestige School of Dance in Salina, will remedy that when she opens a chain of Prestige in McPherson on Sept. 4.

“We’re really excited about it. I’ve been the owner here at the Prestige School of Dance in Salina for 11 years now. I was just so surprised that a town the size of McPherson didn’t have a dance studio. We’ve had a lot of interest to have one in McPherson and we’re at a good place to do that right now, so we decided that this was finally the year to open in McPherson,” Venters said.

Prestige has trained dancers that have won national awards, studied dance in college, and opened their own studios.

“My staff and I are all trained for this. We all have college degrees in dance and are extremely knowledgeable. I think the dancers we have in here speaks volumes about our program,” she said.

Venter’s studio offers ballet, tap, tumbling, hip-hop, acrobatic, contemporary dance and more.

“All my classes are curriculum-based, so every age group has a curriculum to follow. We also offer recreational classes for kids that want to dance for fun,” she said.

The 2,000-square-foot space at 1346 N. Main St. in McPherson is now being renovated.

“We’re throwing up some walls and making it our own,” she said.

Staff of Prestige School of Dance will be splitting their time between the McPherson and Salina locations.

“Some of us will rotate in between the two places. In Salina, we are open Monday through Saturday with Friday’s off because that day is usually really busy with games. And that’s how it’ll work here in McPherson, too. I also think, that by rotating staff we will have a fresh set of eyes which will add to the dancer’s training,” she said.

Venters says she feels that McPherson has a lot of untapped potential talent knocking on their doors.

“I know there’s a lot of talent in McPherson. It’s just exciting to watch kids fall in love with dance and to really make it their own,” she said.

For Venters, it’s not all about the awards and titles, but making her studio a place to call home.

“We’re really hoping to create a home town studio here in McPherson where dancers feel they’re getting great training and they’re getting opportunities that they didn’t have before. We’ll just be opening a lot of doors for the kids. We want everyone to feel loved and have a place they can call home and to have that place to fall in love with dance,” she said.

Registration for classes is now open for the studio. Those wishing to participate should call 785-823-2627 or visit their website at 

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