McPHERSON COUNTY — The traveling chaps, sash and crown have now been passed on to the next McPherson County Fair Association Rodeo Queen — 13-year-old Sage Toews.

Sage said she’s rodeoed and dreamed of taking this title since she can remember.

“I’ve always rodeoed and remembered seeing other girls be the rodeo queen and I thought it looked like fun,” Sage Toews said.

Sage will hold this title until next year’s McPherson County Fair.

Winning the title will require her to attend rodeos all over McPherson County as she represents the association.

Girls who wish to run for rodeo queen must be 13 and ready to compete.

“Anyone can sign up. But there is a horsemanship contest, a written test, interviews and ticket sales and whoever wins that (ticket sales) is who becomes queen,” Sage said.

Sage ran against two other candidates and won in all categories.

“I was a little surprised when I won everything. I felt good... but I didn’t think I did that good,” she said.

In addition to her duties as McPherson County’s current queen, Sage is also heavily involved in 4H, where she shows goats and pigs, plays basketball, and runs cross country and track.

While Sage’s upcoming schedule may be busy this year, she said 4-H has helped her in many ways.

“It’s just one more thing that I put on my calendar and get stuff done. I already have to do that with being in 4-H, it’s just one more thing I work into my schedule,” Sage said.

Toews said becoming a rodeo queen in Canton meant the world to her.

“It means a lot. I’ve always grown up going to this rodeo in Canton and it was probably the first rodeo I ever went to,” Sage said.

“It’s a great opportunity for her. I feel like it helps her grow and become more confident. It makes her an ambassador for the sport and rural lifestyle. She has a lot of opportunities now that she wouldn’t have had before and it’s just a good experience,” said Alice Toews, Sage’s mother.

The McPherson County Rodeo Association also has its princess.

Faith McMannis will be attending rodeos with Toews to promote the association with her royal title.

“It’s been a lot of fun doing that with the family. We 4-H with the family and rodeo with them and now we get to travel with them together for this,” Alice Toews said.

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