The McPherson City Commission conducted its regular meeting Monday morning, and here’s what you need to know:

1McPherson City Commissioners approved the city’s 2019 budget after a public hearing at 9 a.m. Aug. 6 in the McPherson City Commission Room of the McPherson City Hall, 400 E. Kansas Ave. The public was invited to comment on the budget — since no one rose to speak, it passed. Some highlights included:

• The budget authority for 2019 is $62.3 million with an estimated mill levy of 51.843 compared with last year budget authority of $61.5 million and a mill levy of 51.618.

• Actual budgeted dollars levied with ad valoreum for 2019 is $6.46 million up from $6.63 million in 2018 — which translates to a small increase of $34,448.

• The mill levy of 51.843 is just slightly over a 10-year average of 51.392, said City Administrator Nick Gregory.

Gregory noted that the mill levy has remained relatively flat over this past 10 years.

2 City Commissioners also approved a final loan agreement for $4,259,216.29 at 2.13 percent interest over 20 years yields for the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund which covered the replacement of the Centennial Drive sewer.

3 The council announced that the repair, patching and overlay is complete for the South Front Street Project at a total savings of $27,466. The original cost estimate was $207,462, but the final cost was $179,995.75.

“They did an excellent job,” said Major Tom Brown, of the project.

4 Some other road project updates include:

• The lighting system was completed as well as 85 percent of the seeding for the Avenue “A” and Centennial Drive sidewalk project. Two pieces of sidewalk have been replaced and the railing over the creek crossing was installed. Striping and signing of the road is set to be finished this week.

• Work continues on the Barnstormers-Premier Subdivisions project with the cleaning of concrete pavement and sealing. Workers have been fine grading for sidewalk installation.

• Progress on the Elm Street Drainage Improvement project has been stalled because of rain. The contractor has continued work on Marlin installing pipe north on Elm Street.