GALVA — A new restaurant at 220 US-56 Galva has reopened after it was broken into last night — and owner Diane Hoard's sons, Jacob and Ryan Lehman, are offering a reward for information about the crime.

Thieves smashed a window in the back of the building sometime between 56 Family Restaurant's 9:30 p.m. close on Thursday and the 5:30 a.m. Friday arrival of its staff. Hoard says she is still assessing the value of the loss to her business. Both cash drawers and the safe were damaged and will need to be replaced — and cash stolen, Hoard's son Jacob Lehman said. Some foodstuffs were spoiled by smashed glass, Hoard said. 

"We live and learn," said Hoard. "We learned a lesson. Just because we are here in a small town doesn't mean we can let our defenses down.... If people are wanting to get away with something they will."

Hoard said she is thankful for the patience of her customers as they struggled to open around 7 a.m. after the police left.

"We should have given ourselves another half hour to get things sorted out," she said. " I just want to thank the community. Our guests have been very sympathetic. It's always encouraging to have a following that is so supportive."

Jacob Lehman posted an offer of $200 for information about the crime this morning on his Facebook page. His brother, Ryan, quickly commented that he is "putting money down on top of" Jacob's offer to bring the offer to $400.

"In the meantime, go support them after something like this knocks them down," Jacob said in his post. "Ridiculous it’s not even six weeks after opening," he said.