The McPherson County Community Foundation is giving people a new way to see what area nonprofit organizations have on their wish list with the launching of an online grant catalog.

"It's kind of like shopping from the old Sears catalogs ... you can look and scroll through," said McPherson County Community Foundation President Becky Goss.

The grant catalog highlights 24 nonprofit organizations that have endowments through the McPherson County Community Foundation, giving their contact information, a description of their purpose and a dollar amount they hope to raise before Dec. 31.

"This is our way to help organizations build for today's needs as well as build their endowments," Goss said.

Listed under the categories of arts and culture, children and youth, health and human services, community and senior care, each organization details what supplies the donations will be used for — from items like office supplies and facility improvements to training for staff and scholarships for students.

"We're hoping it'll give people a sense of what organizations are needing to operate," Goss said. "...It's simple, little things, but it's important."

Giving people a wish list of items for each nonprofit organization allows them to donate the cost of a needed item.

"Some people put in a ream of paper or a laptop ... things like that where they just need an extra push," Goss said.

Both credit and debit cards can be used and donors can select multiple nonprofits to give to — as well as choosing to make a donation in honor or in memory of someone. Donors are not forced to select an incremental amount or the full cost of an item, but are able to give whatever total they choose.

"It's not about being able to give that full amount, but go online and take a look, there might be some (other amount) that makes sense," Goss said.

Goss emphasized that donations of the requested items, rather than dollars, are also welcomed as a way to support the nonprofit organizations.

"You have a way to contact them. You can go to their webpage or call; you could just decide to buy an item and deliver it to them," Goss said.

The grant catalog will be open for donations through Dec. 31, after which the McPherson County Community Foundation will transfer funds to the nonprofits, minus the incurred credit card fees.

The website is created with software that will allow the McPherson County Community Foundation to customize it for other donation efforts such as Match Day.

"What our hope is would be that we would be able to do this several times throughout the year," Goss said.

To view the McPherson County Community Foundation grant catalog, go to For more information about the McPherson County Community Foundation, visit