Saturday morning, Cub Scouts from McPherson’s Pack 117 revved their constructed engines at First United Methodist Church. It was pinewood derby day.

The 42 participants raced through much of the morning, and winners took home small trophies and medals.

“They have such a great time,” said Shannon Powell, cub master. “A lot will race at districts if they choose. Any of them can, whether they were first or last.”

The district-wide pinewood derby will be held April 6 in Hutchinson.

Participants this year include: Charlie Barrow, Leda Bohman, Sterling Burk, Erik Burk, Grady Burk, Mackennon Butler, Lennox Clark, Reggie Clark, Landon Davis, Jacob Fasse, James Fasse, Logan Franklin, Clayton Hamblin, Traci Hamblin, Holtyn Hamblin, Hunter Henry, Brooke Henry, Kyle Hundley, Alex Hundley, Karter Hundley, Wyatt Jonas, Lilly Jonas, Lakin Lehman, Aleck Lyle, RJ McDonald, Benny Meracle, Lennon Morris, Brycen Parker, Drew Powell, Ashlyn Shugart, Lazarus Shugart, Amelia Smith, Owen Smith, Connor Smolik, Olivia Smolik, Levi Smolik, Kingston Spencer, Carson Stach, Rayce Stiggins, Derek Stucky, Elainah Wedel, Ryder Winsky.

Following are the Pack 117 pinewood derby results, divided by den category and listed by place, participant name, average time and average speed.

Adult Outlaws

1st: Clayton Hamblin, 2.6028, 229.21 mph

2nd: Traci Hamblin, 2.6299, 226.85 mph

Youth Outlaws

1st: Brooke Henry, 2.6733, 223.17 mph

2nd: Lilly Jonas, 2.6914, 221.66 mph

Lions Den

1st: Levi Smolik, 2.6646, 223.9 mph

2nd: Jacob Fasse, 2.7869, 214.07 mph

3rd: Lakin Lehman, 2.8555, 208.93 mph

Tigers Den

1st: Ryder Winsky, 2.8883, 206.56 mph

2nd: Leda Bohman, 2.9821, 200.06 mph

Bears Den

1st: Benny Meracle, 2.6528, 224.89 mph

2nd: Elainah Wedel, 2.6615, 224.16 mph

3rd: Lennon Morris, 2.7065, 220.43 mph

Wolves Den

1st: Derek,Stucky, 2.6651, 223.85 mph

2nd: Kingston Spencer, 2.6721, 223.27 mph

3rd: Connor Smolik, 2.6904, 221.75 mph

Webelos Dens

1st: RJ McDonald, 2.6565, 224.58 mph

2nd: Lazarus Shugart, 2.6859, 222.12 mph

3rd: Mackennon Butler, 2.694, 221.46 mph

Slowest Overall

1st: Reggie Clark, Bears, 3.2629, 182.84 mph

2nd: Charlie Barrow, Webelos, 3.097, 192.63 mph

3rd: James Fasse, Lions, 3.0876, 193.22 mph

Fastest Overall

1st: Holtyn Hamblin, Bears, 2.6196, 227.74 mph

2nd: Hunter Henry, Bears, 2.6477, 225.32 mph

3rd: Owen Smith, Webelos, 2.6505, 225.09 mph