As we visit with people around town, we frequently hear, “Wouldn’t it be great if the library had a service where people click a button on the online catalog and you have their books ready for them to pick up?” And we’re always happy to say in reply, “You can do that right now!”

Thanks to Quick Check, getting the library materials you want into your hands has never been easier.

Here’s how it works: Visit the library website at and select the Catalog option on the menu. Search for the item you want in the catalog. If its Availability status is "In," then click on the Place Hold/Quick Check button. After you input your library card and PIN numbers, library staff will pull the item from the shelf and notify you when it is ready for you to check out. Turnaround time for QuickCheck requests is three hours.

Remembering Glamour

These are tough times for magazines, and it’s been that way for the past several years. Declining readership and advertising revenues and increasing production and distribution costs have taken their toll.

Some giants have fallen, including three iconic women’s magazines which ceased publication at the end of last year: Glamour, Redbook, and Seventeen. Redbook was started in 1903, Glamour (originally published as Glamour of Hollywood) in 1939, and Seventeen in 1944.

All three will maintain an online presence, but magazines have experienced mixed success in transitioning to a solely web-based product. Many readers are frustrated by what content is free and what is paid, or by a frenzy of in-your-face ads. The very features which make magazines appealing in the first place – something portable to flip through and easily browse -- don’t translate well into digital format.


Of all the library staff, JoAnn Crist is the one who works the most “behind the scenes.” JoAnn has been my administrative assistant since 1995, and she is retiring from the library at the end of this month.

One of the most important operational functions in any organization is paying the bills and the staff. But what JoAnn does for the library goes far beyond that. She is an authority on all initialisms -- KPERS, ACA, FICA, BCBS, FMLA, FTE -- and all other combinations of letters, charts, and accounts which come into play in the daily operation of the library. We have been through two building projects, numerous automation projects, and everything outside and in between.

After 24 years of working with me (and not being driven insane in the process) JoAnn is more than ready for some serious R&R. All of us here will miss her exuberance, her sense of humor, and her commitment to excellence. Best wishes, JoAnn, for a fantastic retirement!