The Live Wires-Empire Best 4H club held its February meeting at the McPherson County 4-H Building in McPherson, on Feb. 17. Club members helped plan and prepare the meal for the Loaves and Fishes of McPherson. 

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Breck Smith. The Flag Salute and 4H Pledge were then given.  Roll Call was answered by "What is your favorite snack?" Thirteen members, two leaders and seven guests were present at the meeting. Jace Beltz read minutes of the last meeting and they were approved as read. Jace Beltz reported last month’s meeting to the paper and Isom Marston would be submitting the Feb. 17 meeting. All members then stood up and announced what they have done during the last month for 4-H.

Breck Smith presented a talk over his leather project. Blain Smith gave his demonstration on “Tying a calf for calf roping” and Brody Smith gave his project talk over “Football cards.”

Leaders handed out names and material for the Development Fund Drive. Each 4-H family will contact donor and report back to the club. Also, 4-H Club Days registration is due March 8 at the Extension office and each club will need to provide room monitors, so be watching for this sign up. Next month's meeting will be at 7 p.m. March 18 at McPherson County Fairgrounds, Canton.

Brody Smith told a joke and another member had one too. “Why did Emily eat her homework? Because, the teacher said, it’s a piece of cake!”

Announcements were then read. Meeting was adjourned by repeating the club’s motto, "To Make the Best Better."