McPherson Opera House Resale and Consignment is changing its hours and its name, but will keep playing its vital part in supporting the venue.

"We wanted to emphasize the we were a resale shop and, most importantly, a consignment shop," explained Troy Wiens, who volunteers at the store. "We've figured out, with the passage of time, that that name is way too wordy."

The volunteer-run store is returning to its former name, Apartment Six.

"When they started the resale shop about 30 years ago, it was called Apartment Six," Wiens said. "The reason it was called Apartment Six is that it was located in the opera house in the space that was apartment number six."

Over the years, the shop's location changed. It moved around the opera house as renovation work was being done and also used spaces on Elizabeth Street and Main Street before finally moving to its current location at 217 S. Main St. — right next door to the opera house.

"We think by going back to Apartment Six, it brings back that memory of what the store used to be," Wiens said.

Items sold at the store are either donated or consigned. For consigned items, which must be worth at least $50, the store and the consignor each get half of the purchase price. Furniture, clothing, jewelry and art are some of the items typically brought in for consignment.

"I'm amazed at the number of people who are renting storage space to store furniture that they're not using," Wiens said.

When customer purchase items, the profits go directly to McPherson Opera House, which cannot operate on ticket sales alone.

"The resale shop is integral to the opera house's budget. It's fiscally not possible to make the opera house's books balance without extra income from donations, from show sponsors, from the resale shop — anything we can do to bolster the opera house's budget," Wiens said.

Apartment Six is run by a staff of volunteers.

"It's such an addictive place to volunteer at," Wiens said. "We have people who come in four or five days a week and who come in when they're not even supposed to be there. It's really a fun group."

Volunteers work flexible hours at the shop, coming in for a few hours once a month or multiple days each week.

"We're always looking for more volunteers," Wiens said. "...That's what keeps us going."

Duties include unpacking merchandise, pricing items, arranging displays and handling the cash register.

"We have basically something for any ability," Wiens said. "...It's all very simple; we're happy to train people."

Apartment Six is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

if you have questions about volunteering, consigning or donating items, call McPherson Opera House at 620-241-1952.

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