The Galva city council met in regular session March 4.

Those present included Myrna Walline, George Andreas, Scott Unruh, Stephanie Unruh, Andy Bruce, David Andes, Brantley Unruh, Taryn Norstrom and Lexi Burch.  

A financial statement was presented showing a balance of $4,131,130.60.

General: $27,483.66

Special Highway: 


Capital Improvement Project: $144,196.20

Water Fund: $1,826.78

Electric Fund: $48,305.84

Sewer Fund: $221.33

Sales Tax: $1,031.45

Recreation Fund: $170.00



At the public input session Taryn Norstrom and Lexi Burch explained a project the history class is doing at the Canton-Galva High School.  They will be making a brochure and commercial promoting living in the Canton-Galva School District.  They asked input from the council of what they would like to see.  

A motion was approved $250 for the Easter Egg Hunt that will be at 11 a.m. April 20 at Park Henry for ages zero through 11.  

A motion passed to give $200 towards the construction of the Royalty Float and use of the city building.  

A motion was approved to give $200 toward the construction of the kindergarten float and use of the city building.

A motion was approved to change the electric boundaries with Board of Public Utilities pertaining to the 30 acres north of 56 highways.

Council advised the city clerk to get with BPU and the KCC and fill out the proper paperwork.  

Brantley Unruh gave his monthly reported that there were plenty of cold days they had to spread salt, clear sidewalks and roads.  They had a water leak and put in a new service.   They were going to get some bid to fix the electronic drive on water well No. 5.  

A motion was approved to accept the bid for the first phase on well No. 3 not to exceed $45,000.  This will clean up the well, video tape it, pull numerous samples, and possibly re-line it.  

The land for the new sewer plant had been purchase on February 28.