As board members of the McPherson County Farm Bureau, we strongly endorse Kansas Farm Bureau’s effort to offer farmers and ranchers more choice when it comes to their health care.

KFB’s proposal, known as Senate Bill 32, would allow producers in McPherson County to receive individual ratings, choose the plan that make sense for them and receive care through an existing network of local providers.

This plan also will provide crucial competition in the Kansas market. That’s why opponents of SB 32 are spreading so much misinformation. We urge everyone with questions about the bill to get the facts at 

KFB’s health benefit will offer farmers and ranchers a straight-forward option to receive care they need in the communities where they live.

We urge Steven Johnson, Les Mason, Steven Owens to stand with farmers and vote for SB.


- Steve Penner President & Board:  Landon Shaw, Jeff Smith, Gary Frownfelter, Ricky Schroeder, Matt Toll, Colter Krehbiel, Arlyss Schroeder, Cody Bornholdt, Troy Wedel