MOUNDRIDGE — Several cars, homes and downtown businesses in Moundridge were splattered with blue paint early Sunday morning.

Moundridge Police Chief Jay Kessler said police were notified around 1:50 a.m. Sunday that the paintball vandalism has occurred.

"We had several cars (hit) and one house that I know of and four or five businesses downtown," Kessler said.

Most of the paintballs were aimed at cars and businesses along Cole Street and South Christian Avenue. An apartment complex and several stop signs in Moundridge were also hit.

Elyria Christian School was also targeted. The paint was cleaned off of the building, said a representative of the McPherson County Sheriff's Office.

No property was permanently damaged as a result of the paintballs.

"There's really no damage other than the time and energy someone has to spend to clean it off," Kessler said.

The vandalism may have been done by someone driving a white extended cab pickup, Kessler said. If you have any information or surveillance video about the incident, call the Moundridge Police Department by calling 620-345-2777.