Mary Unruh hosted the meeting of the Monitor FCE Unit and gave the lesson “So Now What? Tips for Managing Life After Retirement.” The objectives of this lesson were:

1. Increase awareness of the stage of retirement.

2. Increase understanding of the role communication plays in ships.

3. Identify ways in which to initiate conversations about retirement roles and expectations with family members and friends.

4. Introduce and/or reiterate the importance of healthy lifestyles in all stages of life, balance between involvement and time for oneself and the advance planning in three main areas; finances, health and home.

5. Create a short-term retirement action plan.

6. Increase interest in participating in future K-State Research and Extension programming.

President Jodene Fisher opened the meeting by asking the group to repeat the Kansas FCE Creed. Roll call was answered with “what did I do the first week of retirement?”

Mary Ellen Howell reported on the article “Trash to Treasure” from the KAFCE News.

A motion passed for Monitor FCE to pay the full amount for helping with Inman Blood Mobile in 2019. 

Members also reported on how they help with recycling.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m., March 18 at Lois Neher’s home.