At 6:30 p.m., March 25, the McPherson Public Library will conclude their Big Ideas group discussion series with a deliberation on the advantages and disadvantages of a traditional four year college education, considering the rising cost of tuition and the increasing work and trade opportunities. This session was rescheduled from earlier in the year, due to adverse weather. 

 Throughout the past six months, the Big Ideas series has encouraged the civil and free exchange of ideas, and the thoughtful and respectful discussion of the issues that shape the world around us. The sessions are not a typical “speaker/audience” format. Rather, the participants create the content with their input, observations, knowledge, and insights, based on a series of guiding questions, with facilitation from a moderator and community resource person.

In this session, Joe Pfannenstiel, Inman Junior/Senior High School Guidance Counselor will be on hand to provide clarification about the complex and intriguing topic of post-secondary education.  As tuition continues to rise, enrollment growth is steady as well, making competition for degreed jobs steep. More and more, the trade professions are a practical choice, with entrepreneurship right out of high school a valid option.

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